Artisman 3000 CNC Engraver / Router

Artisman 3000 CNC Engraving Machine / Router


Applicable industries:

  • Wooden engraving industry: Waving board, small furniture, doors and windows, and screens.
  • Advertisement industry: 3D signs making, relief sculpture, LED/Neon letters, Suction plastic light box, etc.
  • Other industry: Board making, Toys, gift, and packing.

Features for the 3000 Series CNC Engraver:

  • Double high resolution motors in X axis.
  • Highly stable aluminum table and stainless machine body.
  • Straight guide drive mode 25mm.
  • Auto tools adjustor.
  • UCANCAM software.

Applicable materials:

Acrylic, Aluminum, PVC board, rostone, MDF board, wood board, etc.

Special parameters

Machine bodyStainless steel for machine structure, high purity aluminum for machine table.
Effective range1300*1300*220mm 1300*1800*220mm 1300*2500*220mm 2000*3000*220mm
Spindle Power3.5KW3.5KW 4.5KW6.0KW
Inverter Power3.7KW3.7KW 5.5KW7.5KW
Max Speed25M/Minute
Resolution 1016DPI
CNC controllerG-Artisman V Controller
Hand key holdArtisman Keypad M6
CNC softwareArtisman ACC6
CAM softwareUcancam V8
Driving systemStepper motor
Standard tableVacuum
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